„When the longing for peace is accomplished in you,
then there’s nothing more to be done.
You are then accomplished peace on earth.”

David Wared

Universal Peace

Peace means the unconditional acceptance of all, so that all beingness can develop and expand freely without its existence being limited or endangered. The strength of peace is effective in creation and assures that all can expand without limitation and is brought to its expression. Philosophically this is expressed in the 3L Principle as the trinity of light, love and life. This principle is the basis of everything and as it necessarily includes peace, peace is present in all beingness.

It is possible to say the same of freedom, love or truth, for they too are facets of the highest unity and with its perspective toward the One. Peace as a universal principle means that everything can equally expand, express and develop itself. As the universe is unlimited, it eternally keeps growing beyond all concepts and theories, without one planet or a planetary system restricting another. Although all material expression is finite, all can develop according to its destination and the inner, higher and limitless idea, which has brought it into form, can do its work. Other than the dual spirit, which considers itself as separated or isolated from the whole, the spirit of human essence is in unity with all and brings itself into expression with the essential soul through its longing.

The universal peace touches the human existence in two ways. First of all, peace is an a priori presence, which initiates creation and out of this idea, which carries peace in its essence, the bodyless light beings and physical beings are created. By coming down, peace enters each being in order to realize itself. Only man has the free choice to use the expression of universal freedom in the world of forms, in order to relativize and to restrict according to its own concepts. So, the originally Unitarian becomes a polar opposition and so polarity comes into existence as an expression of the life principle on the human level. Peace is now connected with war and both are present in the reality of earthly existence.

Man is thus unconscious of the universal peace that has descended. With the choice of the dual perspective is connected the repression of the essence from human consciousness. Thus, man forgets who he really is and sticks to his identity as a physical being.

Therefore, universal peace cannot be imagined, in its place come systems of domination, of belligerence and the forcing of one’s own interests on others. The expression of the essence with universal peace is the longing, but as man does not want to, or cannot hear it, man begins to look for what corresponds to his concepts. The more we make room for longing, the true impulse from the heart, the more the higher peace of peacefulness reveals itself and then the highest peace from the essence. As long as man is identified as a seeker, he tends to defend his identity instead of opening his perception for the real and fundamental goodness. Much then evades his attentiveness, and then he expects from others what cannot be fulfilled. The seeking keeps man in a state of longing, of deficiency and of striving, in which no real peace can be recognized. When man perceives his essence, that what he searches for is found. And then the issue is the realization of the call from the essence.

How can man experience his essence? His physical senses with his thinking are not sufficient. The feelings can connect him with his essence and then he is in connection with his heart’s sense of intuition. The thinking of the mind can connect him with his essence and then man has access to think-feeling which allows for messages from the essential source to become conscious. The universal peace reveals itself to man as he is impregnable for the longing. Peace for itself comes into expression from his peace in itself, which is present in its essence, when man think-feels peacefully and acts accordingly.

Through think-feeling man learns of his essence when it expresses itself longingly. The question is only in how far man hears and accepts his longing and recognizes it as his true self or prefers to allow his concepts of peace, which include his polar inversion, to become alive in the world of forms and things. Peace on earth is the realized and recognized peace, which meets man in many shapes and forms. Peace in itself is universal and therefore cannot be influenced by man. There is also peace in itself, the peace in one’s own essence, the peace from itself, the already perceived inner peace that expresses itself through man.

„Peace means essential, responsible and sustainable think-feel-action.”

David Wared

My conviction of peace basically differs from the opinion that peace is the absence of war. Realized peace renders war actions impossible, however the deeper meaning of peace describes a facet of absoluteness which man carries in himself, but has yet to discover.

With a free choice, which has helped the expression of the relative, he lives a dual consciousness that also renders relative peace. It needs the rediscovery in his essence in order to bring it back to expression on the levels of the finite and of the material experiences. Man as the cause of the relativization is asked to bring the uncompleted tissue of ideas, which do not correspond to universal peace, back to its original order and harmony and thus to elevate the level of the finite into the absolute.

So, it is by all means indicated to become aware of the inner peace and to pacify the world from within. Self-love and love of the other are connected inseparably, pain also. This connection exists to a highest degree also with the cause of peace, or lack of peace. Often man tries to not assume his responsibility for lack of peace and flees into substitute worlds that are built upon illusions of self-construed concepts.

Such deviations are detours that sooner or later sent back to the levels of truth. Man can shorten them by truthfully taking his decisions by behaving peacefully. Thus, his being accesses in a direct way its highest possible expression as physical being and from this higher freedom the highest, universal peace can reveal itself and pacify his earthly existence.

The being is one with all, as unity according to this teaching is the highest principle. It is true and valid for every existence and implies that all is connected with all. In highest peace everything accepts everything mutually, and expands together, expresses itself unperturbed and finds its realization. I have brought down this understanding of peace for the world as my vision, in order to expand the polar to concord. Peace, in my vision, is the quality in the universe that makes it possible for all beings to expand freely. This peace is one with the highest universal order. It is a peaceful order that restricts nothing.

Man awakens when his heart opens up. Thus, he becomes conscious of his wish for peace and completes himself by assuming responsibility for everything and recognizes what he can really accomplish.

Peace is the true and real expression of himself. It must not be confused with concepts of freedom, peace or love that came from old identifications and conditionings. When man recognizes his deepest self then he can liberate himself from the cycles of painful experiences. Then thinking becomes peaceful and clear, the feeling peaceful and pure and his actions creating more peace, because his own path of peace opens up.

A new age of extended humanity lifts humanity into a higher level, which is now recognized more and more, is longed for and this path is taken by more and more people as the old, seen as opposites and which he was used to, does not offer any possibilities. We have the choice to let the old go, so that the last hindrances can be done away with.

Peace and freedom are both present as you, as a human being, have a free choice, due to which your creative potential is expressed. Your peaceful intention produces a clear decision for peace and offers you a deep trust in universality. Set your course to peace and allow the peace messages from the bottom of your soul to ascend, so that you can build a new type of communication on it. Then you reach the longed for inner stability of unshakable peace which carries you though the storms of dual challenges and uncertainty to your true aim.

What lightness and what joy now find room in you, when you wave the green light at the expression of your longing, to carry your inner peace to the outside, to share it with others. What you do now, will always be in tune with the conscious inner peace.

The new philosophy invigorates everybody to find himself in harmonious connectedness and relation to others and to focus on the essential, on his longing. It accompanies him on all his ways, which finally allows him to arrive in his mental and spiritual home. Peace is a vision that is already expanding on our Mother Earth, because otherwise liveliness is not possible.

Peace is the aim and the accomplishment on a path of healing which is being walked on in duality in order to realize peaceful liberation, peaceful healing and peaceful recognition in man. The result is the new extended ethos, which leads people up to universality, which is fully and completely accepted by all beings of our cosmos. When man acknowledges his essence, he also lives in peace and he can totally dissolve the separation between himself and the others.

The new philosophy enables man to become a messenger of peace by acting peacefully and liberates him from strife. This new philosophy serves all beings on earth who long for a peaceful world and who want to dissolve the old conditionings. It strengthens the spiritually lightful aspect of man, who longs to dissolve strife in himself that refers to conditionings and his own experiences in order to fulfill his essential longing for peace.

The bringing about of peace on earth is before all a healing action. Light Awareness Philosophy is a healing philosophy that makes it apparent, that healing can be applied to all that has fallen out of its highest order in order to bring it back to its original inner order.

Total healing of strife sets in, when liberation, healing and insight are achieved in man and when man is ready to assume responsibility beyond the individually human. Only then does he recognize, that he is not separated from the others. Nowadays comes a time of higher achievement which is focused on the well-being of all human beings, of all beings and of all creatures. Peace sets in when man feels and assumes that all is connected to everything. Therefore, appreciation and respect are essential and are being remembered when man is awakened and discovers his inner peace.

The person who wishes for peace can begin at once to materialize peaceful processes. The more the human spirit expresses the eternal peace, the more peace and freedom are accepted by dual consciousness and the more lightful signals are emitted by him. The truthful answer for the longing for connectedness, trust, security, peace and love is the insight into the essence.

Dear fellow human being, your children and all their descendants, will honor you when you bring peace into the world. Build upon the eternal and discover your own eternity now. Peace now comes into existence through you, connected with eternal gratitude for you.

In the new consciousness wars have no more justification as men do not see them as an option. You too are new consciousness, through you the new time of humanity finds its entry and the exasperating warmongering is finished, if you take the right decision. With your contribution towards peace you do not only accomplish your development as a person, but you contribute to the formation of a new society in the highest consciousness, in which men see themselves as blissfully active peace bringers.

„I give you my wink of peace.
I give you my moment of happiness.
I give you my whole being for your bliss.”

David Wared