David Wared

„You are the messenger of True Peace.
Let peace stream over us.
Let peacefulness rain over us.
Let all doors open up in me, I recognize:
Peace is in me, I am peace.“

David Wared


Highly esteemed and beloved citizens of the world and fellow beings of Earth,

deeply touched from the depth of my heart and profoundly moved by the great events in our world, I apply to you in order to invite you, to become involved with peace. Peace is an ancient longing and a fundamental much considered subject of man, to which I would like to add some fundamental and guiding considerations, which so far haven’t found the necessary respect. Peace hasn’t been sufficiently considered philosophically, not so much as would have been required in order to realise it worldwide. The much praised cardinal virtue of braveness was always brought into connection with war heroism and so war was considered necessary and was glorified in all times and societies.

I have founded a new philosophy, which considers the subject of peace in all its facets, as, since my birth I have longed for it and wanted to solve it in order to live in a peaceful world. Hence the vision of peace has taken root in me, for which the world has waited so long. I speak from the hearts of many beings when I openly declare, that the time of waiting and of expectations in others is definitely over. Therefore my philosophy makes clear, that each person is invited to explore what peace means for her/him. But thinking about it is not sufficient and so this philosophy contains a full and complete collection of methods and insights necessary to gain and save peace on Earth.

My vision of all-encompassing peace is feasible, as it does not only show what peaceful-minded people can accomplish but also how people can attain inner peace. Life on earth does not allow to act against basic principles and thus to make life difficult, or impossible for all human beings. These principles are explained and peace is founded on them according to my extended understanding. Peace is guaranteed when all living beings can be certain that they will not be harmed or be treated without dignity and all beings can fulfil their destiny and their live tasks for the whole. This is taken further than the current definition of peace, which defines it as the absence of war. The absence of war is an unstable condition, which, with the best of intentions, can only be temporarily stabilized, for example by the limitation of weapons.

Furthermore, peace builds on trust and inner peacefulness and in order to obtain this, it takes a thorough new orientation of each person, which enables him to think beyond the familiar, individual scale and to empathize, which is the great novelty of this philosophy.

The so far hardly considered sensations are the key to a deeper consideration of the real, for which it finally becomes obvious that there is no contradiction between one’s own and the other. Peace is necessarily the recognition that we all sit in the same boat, and each person contributes to his opening for empathy and connectedness so that peace can come into existence and can be preserved.

We do not have the time to delay this human step in evolution of true insight that also transcends materialism and reveals the spiritual dimension of human existence. We want to assure that life on earth is for all, and we don’t allow it to deteriorate to a constant struggle for survival. Peace in Light Awareness Philosophy is a completely new peace and I demonstrate philosophically what is needed in order to make it possible. First it is the insight of the human being when he senses and increasingly recognizes that wars are a human invention. It is therefore human choice and responsibility to step up for peace on earth. It is the greatest possible state of human spirit and cannot be achieved in a passive way. Not to long for it and not to realize it means falling back into an unconscious and destructive state that cannot last. You see that it is not sufficient to avert war in order to establish peace one.

In my vision, peace can only be made possible through the realization of a universal understanding of the world, which rests on mutual trust. This will be possible when all accept an ethic of extended humanity, which tightly connects peace with truth, freedom, love and unity. With the higher ethos, which contains all values of extended humanity and includes all living beings, people can act peacefully. Global peace comes when individual peace arises from within and reveals itself among human beings but also animals, plants and all fellow beings.

Since August 1974, I have revealed this new ethos to men after it had been given to me in a deep meditation. Through its implementation, which always begins with the individual, as a healer and philosopher I send impulses into the world, so that the worldwide vision of peace can become reality. Philosophy, science, politics and all domains of human life now unite and they can test their values, their norms and paradigms intensively for their peacefulness and can transform them in the sense of necessary evolution, so that they can benefit the wellbeing of all and the peaceful coexistence.

We expand the possibilities and general framework of ratio, for it alone does not lead away from the limited and separate consideration of thinking, which often make all endeavour for peace fail. Light Awareness Philosophy is a spiritually founded creation teaching, which delivers from polarity and which deeply founds unity philosophically so that man can follow his deep feeling of unity and can recognize his roots in his essence, which transcends ratio.

Peace, according to Light Awareness Philosophy, is not a state, which man must achieve but it is in all beings the core and makes it possible to express himself in all liveliness. It is the expression of his longing, and when this longing is perceived, we can be peaceful and realize peace. The traditional humanitarian teachings cannot reach the depth of the ethics of extended humanity and therefore completely grasp peace.

My peace vision is not utopia, but it shows that mankind now needs to take its next step in evolution towards peacefulness. Man is dotted with all abilities, to live his own peace and to offer it as a gift to others and therein lies an essential task. Out of you, dear fellow human being, world peace can develop and without you, I would like to add, peace cannot totally unfold. You are the messenger of peace in your field of life and completely free to assume this highest task and to surrender to it or continue to adhere to the old.

There is nothing more satisfying than finding one’s own life task and to complete it, which immediately happens when you discover your peacefulness and your spiritual and your mental capacities and with them express your own uniqueness so that the development of the new consciousness can advance. You are responsible for your life work as a creative being. You can dissolve the hindrance and even heal it.

Now I beg you and all others, to develop the message of peace in yourself, to expand it in your heart in order to make a new beginning for the arising of a new world of mutual understanding and to co-determine the destiny of mankind. When you enthuse for the wish for more peacefulness in everyday life, then it is time to set the course for a lighter future.

Dear human being, take your life in your hand, assume your responsibility and enquire about ways of becoming conscious according to Light Awareness, which promotes self-reflection. Especially, I would like to recommend the meditation that I developed as a path to the inner truth of your essential consciousness. I beg you to start with the realization of your wish for peace now and here.

„My innermost longing for world freedom,
world peace, world truth, world love, world unity
may first be realized within yourself.

David Wared

As a messenger of peace, as a revealer of peace and as a consciousness researcher I would like to show you my worship, that peace has met with your deepest concern and that you allow it to touch your deepest self. You can clear new ways towards peace by creating a new peaceful type of relationship. By your contribution you can join a worldwide movement for peace which unites you with other people completely free of dogmas or ideologies supported by the great vision to change our earth into light and to finish the ancient problem of war orientated behaviour.

Men of all cultures and religions are united by the vision of peace, from one insight, which they will not obstruct but will joyfully accept.

You, beloved and holy fellow being, are the solution for worldwide peace. I heartfully thank you for your concession on peaceful ways. Allow your actions, your thoughts and your feelings to be of peace and of highest longing. Therein lies true blessing.

Yours, David Wared

„To be in peace means to have no need for negativity.
To be in truth means to have no need for falsehood.
To be in freedom means to have no need for imprisonment.
To be in love means to have no need for hatred.
┬áTo be in unity means to have no need for separation.”

David Wared