David Wared

The search for peace leads to
true liberation, healing and self-knowledge
that is the condition for the higher peacefulness.”

David Wared

About the 5B Principle

Support of healing happens, according to Light Essence Therapy, developed from Light Awareness Philosophy, in five steps, which connect the healer with the receiver of healing.

The 5B-principle comprises:

All five ways complement each other and bring the inner processes back in their original and harmonious order, which the life principle expresses best and makes it possible that the sick person can fulfill his tasks. This also concerns organizations that need an impulse for order in order to fulfill their tasks for the wellbeing of all. Therefore, the counseling and accompaniment of families, governments, companies and associations of all sorts is part of the most beneficial applications of the 5B-principle according to Light Awareness.

The liberation from blockages is the introduction to peace on the individual level. Healing is the beginning to accomplish expanding inner peace and the peaceful action. Accomplished peace in one’s innermost being expands to the global level of the whole world and thus brings peace into it. If on the individual and global level all think-feel-action is completed and recognized, then human consciousness returns to its origin and transcends into the highest, purest peace and with it we access universal freedom, truth, love and unity. Then all of it is accomplished and he is one with peace in absolute union.