David Wared

„All political, economical, societal and fiscal behavioral codexes
may have focus that is to promote global existence and to conserve it.”

David Wared

Peace in Economics

Economics are fundamental for life on earth. Also in this domain man has a free choice. He is fully responsible in a sustainable way. In order to preserve peace on earth, it is not sufficient to work from an ethos of humanity, as this only takes man into consideration. The economical commerce of the new time needs a free, open and intuitively led ethics which includes all men, all living beings and Mother Earth in a sustainable way. I have brought the extended human action into the world in 1974 and have given it a philosophical basis. In recent decades, I have launched some visions for a responsible and sustainable economy. The extended human action is an integral part of Light Awareness Philosophy.

The societies are radically changing, as the old structures cannot survive, although many people try to save them. The vision of a light-state, the economics of which are formed according to extended human principles, is part of the peace vision, in which all phases of exploitation and exclusion of many living beings have been transformed from economical value creation.

Economics have sunk so far into materialism, that other essential themes cannot be perceived. Eventually a point in development will be reached, when we deal no more with reality but with functionalism. The sciences and the economics want people to function well according to certain, well set criteria. In reality, the fulfillment of meaning of the single person and of whole societies does not lie in the realization of an aim, but of the accomplished ideas, which are closely interrelated with peace. It cannot be the highest purpose of economics to train man to fulfill a certain function, but to create the material conditions that all living beings can realize life happily on this earth. Man finds his inner core through experience and insight and this happens in the deepest peace. And from this essential quality he can keep house and accomplish a lot more and enliven things from there.

Economics according to Light Awareness are an economical theory pro nature, pro man and pro democracy. Along with it comes gain and profit that again is handed over to enterprises, for example to the state, to the workers, to society, to the children, to education and to nature. That is the essential distribution and which may bring closer the ethos of an extended humanity to all living beings for the wellbeing of all in a sustainable way.