David Wared

„Peace realization happens through your inner
peaceful attitude and your peaceful action.”

David Wared

Peace Realization in the human Body

Peace is the condition for healing and also its result. Light Awareness Philosophy has its own healing approach, which completely and holistically considers the unhealed in the body and in the expression of spirit and soul and deals with it in depth. This support can help the sick person to obtain healing. Along with healing, which comprises the annulment of the disbalance of sickness, the healing philosophy also deals with the state of being whole which comes when consciousness is so high that it cannot again become sick, thus it is divested of the polarity of healing and sickness.

The body may become sick, the soul and the spirit as the essence are purely spiritual and cannot be impaired. What may become sick is the expression of the spiritual and mental in the physical aliveness, when the expression diverts from the higher order and thus is no more peaceful. Peace also has an order, a harmony and a rhythm, which is expressed on all levels. The more peace a person has developed in himself, the more order and harmony show in his body, his thoughts and his feelings. The more he has recognized of the universal order, the more the absolute peace can reveal itself to him.

When man becomes ill, he lives in disorder, in disharmony and a restricted liveliness that show in arrhythmia. Therefore it is important to give the sick person one‘s highest possible support, so that he can find back to his higher order and to free himself of the unaccomplished ideas that caused the disruption. Healing is a process that starts in the spirit and where the insight about the cause is essential. With becoming whole again, the inner peace returns, and man finds his balance, whatever state had been in disbalance. Man finds his strength and his joy, which mark the healed state.