David Wared

„Peace on earth does not happen through hope,
but through being open in the Now.”

David Wared

Peace in the Now

Peace rises or falls with the readiness to orientate oneself peacefully. That counts for all three human levels of action, for the think-action, the feel-action and the think-feel-action. In order to realize the highest ethics of extended humanity everywhere, which enables man to accomplish with his actions the universally valid and to accomplish the highest realization, it is necessary to enlighten and to teach man so that he arrives at the level of think-feel-action and does no longer produce unaccomplished and separating ideas. Essential for this is the opening of each person for the impulses of the heart, for the heart is his access to his inner core, his essence and this is intimately connected with the universal essence. Impulses from the heart are always unifying and benevolent, as in the universe unity is valid as the highest principle.

The action from the heart happens from an essential impulse, man’s longing and this longing cannot minimize peace or the other universal principles or even ignore them. Out of think-acting man is capable of separating from his fellow beings and to split inwardly in resistance, fight, refusal or ignorance and to ignore the calling of his heart. Without participation of the heart wars are brought about and untruth is being spread so that acceptance and trust are being damaged and that needs heart action again like forgiveness and healing in order to arise again. The access to the heart happens via the true feelings that are not influenced by thinking. Therefore, peace cannot be reached in a reliable way without empathy.

We now need a peace which is universally valid, and which is the orientation towards which all men tend. The experimental phase to bring about peace with war actions is definitely over. Peace in the Now is the topic.

Peace happens now, it is a decision which man makes from his free choice in each moment when he thinks, feels and acts peacefully. This decision must not be delayed any further, it makes obvious that each person is called and is capable to access think-feeling and to rise as a messenger of peace from his essential source.

I have made everything helpful and necessary available for his consciousness rising. Therefore, the Light Awareness Philosophy is a liberating healing and highly enlightening philosophy, which also contains an abundance of methods for the promotion of the reflection on the essential. Part of it are the ways of meditation which I have developed so that they lead to the inner truth of your essential consciousness, and from such experiences you may discover your inner peace. Thus you become a messenger of peace for your fellow human beings and when your path of self-knowledge is accomplished, also to the revealer of peace. Then the living moment of self-realization is accomplished in peace.

Become the expression of the recognized peace for Mother Earth and all her creatures, for the wellbeing and the prosperity of all. Thanks from my heart to you that you have accepted this impulse for peace. Let us now think peace, feel peace and act peace.