David Wared

„I bring people healing, peace and love.
I realize the universe from memory,
insight and experience of the One.”

David Wared

David Wared

David Wared is the founder of a new, deep and complete philosophy of peace, which he transmits to the world since August 1974. He comes from a family that protects a secret healing science for centuries and supports men on their healing paths. From his longing to enable all men to live with higher consciousness and thus to make peace possible, David Wared has of a young age studied the philosophical teachings of the world and he has developed his own peace philosophy. He is a philosopher who heals people, who liberates them and brings them in self-knowledge, so that they can fully and totally accept their freedom and responsibility.

His view of peace includes the opening, the consent and the readiness of man to further his education in order to be always on the highest possible consciousness level. This is often man’s desire but the hindrances on the inner and interhuman level, which show on his path towards realization, are considerable. Therefore, man needs to a large extent help and education in order to succeed on his path towards highest peacefulness.

David Wared has therefore brought into the world a philosophy of peace, which also deals with healing and largely explains it. This philosophy goes quite new ways of insight and ethics, for it is founded not only on ratio and thinking, but it also includes feelings from the deeper heart. Thus to cognitive intelligence is added intuitive intelligence on equal terms and the recommendation to man is to include feelings. Feeling is necessary in order to bring peace to the human level.

His in depth study of the western and the oriental philosophy took place when he was very young. It did not suffice him to heal individual people from painful, restricting and conflict ridden states or as a counselor of men, organizations or enterprises to teach the fundamentals, but he lives in a permanent devotional state for a new understanding of peace that he brought into this world as extended humanity. He explains this step that the humanitarian teachings so far were solely founded on ratio and only refer to men. But peace cannot exclude anything alive or existing. Peace is a universal expression of universal origin, thus in unity with the other values that are not sprung from human source but from the highest creative instance. Peace has a sister called love. Both cannot be without each other and for both the issue is the conversation, the respect and the promotion of the other or the other kind. Without it the coming into existence and the development of life is not possible.

David Wared realizes the highest peace, by teaching people the meaning of life and their possibilities. He thoroughly educates them and assists them on their path towards peace. This happens through education and meditation, among others, which he has developed himself for the liberation, the healing and the holistic insight, and with the help of which it is possible to meet on spiritual and mental levels without necessarily be together physically. As a healing philosopher he underlines the importance to first of all make peace within the self and to become conscious of the existence of inner peace. He shows through his example how peacefulness is lived and expanded. He demonstrates the meaning of peace by saying that man with peace consciousness does not want to hurt anybody nor can we do so. For he has recognized that there is no absolute border between the I and the you. Only man on the level of duality and separate consideration can put his “I” higher than the connectedness and the community with fellow beings.

The path of expansion towards the peace ethos begins with the single question: “How do I live peace?” David Wared’s answer unites several aspects of his extended philosophy of Light Awareness. He elicits that man from his deep longing begins not only to reflect upon peace, but to accomplish peaceful think-feel-actions. They are actions of the noblest and purest intention on the basis of peaceful and clear thinking in connection with pure feeling. Thinking can be peaceful and clear as well as treacherous and belligerent. Man practices his free choice as to how he deals with thinking and whether it is for his own good as well as for the wellbeing or hurt of others. Thought-hygiene is a new concept from light-aware ethics that honors just this attentiveness with one’s own thinking and advises man to be just as careful with his thoughts and to keep safe from damage the way he used to do it with his body.

Thinking which is not peaceful minded can even create great damage by falsifying feelings and engenders emotions like fear, hatred or anger. They can easily be expressed in violence and cast him in compulsion or necessity, to run through further cycles of liberation, healing and insight in order to win back peacefulness. If feeling-hygiene is missing, then emotions can bar the way to true feeling. Emotions are of thinking origin and to recognize them and to dissolve them is the important issue of feeling-hygiene. Only when man allows hygiene to govern on all levels of his awareness, he is capable to perceive his longing and to live peacefulness. Therefore, it is necessary to first apply it to one’s inner self.

Inner peace grows out of peaceful thinking and peaceful feeling, which in their turn produce peaceful actions which contribute to the fact that people are raised on the global level and then can deal with each other peacefully. Therefore, it is essential that man consciously guides his thoughts and liberates them from unclearness and keeps it so. For clear thoughts can also be open and they do not produce any emotions, which seduce not to respect one’s own feelings from the intuitive source of the heart, but instead to transfer the direction to the individualistic ego. Man practices physical hygiene in order not to become ill and to be exposed to damage. In the same sense it is necessary to take care of thoughts and feelings. David Wared has introduced thought hygiene philosophically, in order to make it obvious that each person needs clear thoughts in order to grasp the concept of truth. Besides pure perception from his intuitive heart’s source are necessary in order to cleanse his emotions like aggression, hatred, fear or resentment in order to preserve inner peace, respectively to restore it.

Peaceful actions happen out of a peaceful character, when man practices action hygiene and at the same time when he deals attentively with his thoughts and feelings. Thus David Wared has demonstrated how to go about the warlike from earlier cause so that it can be dissolved sustainably. From there he has created a new psychology, the light-psychology.

David Wared defines peace anew, as peace between equal and equally esteemed beings. This excludes any sort of persecution, exploitation or disrespect, as they are incompatible with the ethos of peace and love. Total peace excludes hunting, killing and eating of animals, as well as the exploitation of nature that is again incompatible with the fundamental goodness of universal existence. Man does not only betray others, but also himself for his true self is not separated from his fellow beings. All living creatures form a global community on earth and global peace comes into existence when the realization of a light-aware community, the kingdom of hearts, is being longed for by man. Then all is pacified and strife is cancelled, so that all beings can and may exist.

„Do not leave peace and love in heaven,
for they have descended with you
in order to reveal blissfulness.”

David Wared

This holistic approach to move towards peace is completely new and is being taught by David Wared to men. He serves as a model through his own life, for he dedicates himself totally to men and all beings. He dedicates himself especially to those in need, in difficulties, in pain or with problems by assisting and expanding them according to the 5B principle of education, accompaniment, assistance, counseling and treatment in way of giving healing impulses. Light Awareness Philosophy is the theoretical basis of a new understanding of man. In all areas of creating one’s life, in the relationship to children, in politics, in economics and physics it brings totally new impulses, which are being received by more and more people. Now research needs to be intensified.

Peace is a universal, original state, which is in all existence and which is searched for, longed for and realized. His vision is a clear image of a world, in which people fulfill this ideal from within and peace is realized in accordance with truth, love, freedom and unity. Peace is an expression of true creativity that always goes hand in hand with the principles that David Wared first highlighted and founded as universal principles in his philosophy.

David Wared put the extended humanity in the center of his peace philosophy. The vision is totally free from exploitation, particularly of man because it does not justify any injustice or repression of man, in the states, in the working conditions or with the providing of goods. Men have stopped chasing and killing animals for this goes against the extended human ethos. Thinking and feeling is now united so that each person can live in empathy and can connect with all fellow beings emphatically.

David Wared makes room for peace in his philosophy by founding it as a universal principle and along with the theoretic side he also deals with its application and the anchoring of peace in human life. To this aim he has developed Light Psychology, Light Yoga, Energy Dancing, Light Constellations and Light Essence Therapy. All methods build upon an extended understanding of meditation for meditation facilitates and makes possible the deep insight, through which his essence can be revealed to man. David Wared is the founder of the Light Awareness Academy, where this new awareness is taught and transmitted in seminars, courses and common meditation.

Since the revelation of the new philosophy in 1974 David Wared builds up a new earth and already fulfills the vision of many people who have turned towards their search or longing for peace, and who would like to realize it. As a philosopher of healing he has connected the two important domains of philosophy and healing to be in unity. He has obviously proved that the two cannot be separated. The ways to peaceful coexistence always coexist with liberation of all that creates strife. They go from within to the outer world. Therefore, Light Awareness Philosophy is a philosophy of liberation, a healing philosophy and a philosophy of self-knowledge. Man who walks along this path will be a messenger of peace for others.

When man feels his longing he begins to aspire to liberation, healing and insight. He can affect liberation and healing through his actions and then he brings peace that transports him to the higher realization that he has always longed for. Thus he attains highest peace.

Peace evens the way to the kingdom of hearts and to the light-world. A world in light, in love and in highest liveliness finds its expression in the vision of peace. It is the gateway to true insight, it makes palpable what we all feel and long for. I show that we can reach new shores in the same mother ship earth and on this basis a new era can begin. The message of peace is its navigation and present in all the hearts.

Each one is aware:

„I am my message of peace from the heart which I wish to share with all other men. We cannot wait any longer that somebody will come and bring peace. We are ourselves called, asked and chosen to follow our true, original meaning in order to become a messenger of peace and a revealer of peace. Let us come together, let us go into communication and let us unite. Now it is all here. Now is the time. Now you are here. Now is your time.”

David Wared continues this message:

„Now your peace is required. For I have already given you my peace.”

He lives the vision of the spirit, the reality of intuition and the truth of the highest guidance on all levels of consciousness. Through it, his deep and touching spirituality is put into practice. David Wared shows through his life and his example, what is possible for man and that becoming conscious means a lot more than any concept of freedom, truth, peace, love and unity of human origin.

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„When we recognize in ourselves what peace is,
then peace is realized in all.”

David Wared