David Wared

„Perceive and accept what is inherent in you.
Then you will be the giving miracle from true life.
You are peace, love, truth, freedom and unity.”

David Wared


Peace is the true expression of our soul – Light Awareness Philosophy presents peace as an absolute and fundamental value of creation. Peace is the highest that a person can express, as it is more than one’s mere personality and one’s life circumstances.

Those who feel peace within themselves perceive the greatness and depth as supreme happiness, and sense the unlimited existence in light moments of being human. A new day and a new life always begin peacefully and so the living can prosper in harmony with the whole, free and undisturbed.

Light Awareness Philosophy is a philosophy of unity, which professes that the origin of all existence is spiritual. The world of the idea, from which existence manifests, has a purely spiritual origin. This is a world of states of simple beingness, which are not created, but which make possible creation and existence.

The five eternal values, truth, freedom, peace, love and unity are part of these states of simple beingness. They enter the ideas via essence and thus creation is sparked off. All creation has an unchanging core of beingness. It contains everything so that it expresses in a peaceful way all living existence.